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Will I ever find love/get a girlfriend?
I have recently started to lose my confidence because of my lack of luck with girls. I am 20 and have never had a girl friend or even been kissed. I am usually very confident. I am pretty ripped, decently good looking and funny(unless people laugh at my jokes just to be nice) I am intelligent and am not afraid to talk to girls. I have recently asked to out and got the normal. I am busy all the time excuse. So busy I can never have dinner at all. How do they survive with out eating? Anyway I’m depressed now because I am worried I will never get a girlfriend I really care about. It’s hard to tell your self to keep putting yourself out ttherewhen you always fail. I am a fun guy and just need some help. I am in college so I am around a lot of girls. Advice?

Answer by The_One_With_A_Broken_Heart
She will come, and she will be just that much more special.

Answer by TeaPott45
It sounds like you are a great guy…but ur probly just awkward in some way. Be sure to always be outgoing and don’t try too hard. No one will go out with you if they think you are desperate.

Good Luck!

Answer by Jessica
I would use study groups to get close to girls. You are still very young and apparently the right one just hasn’t come along yet. Don’t give up, I really find intelligence a turn on. Use your brain to impress just don’t overplay it.

Answer by cassandra007
Sounds like you are a great, fun, smart guy. Maybe you are picking the wrong gals. I don’t really know,but,perhaps,it is time to play the aloof role- a drag, I know,but act a little less interested. Stupid games.but think of it as an experiment. It might work!
You need to put yourself out here in different ways: poetry readings, sports, whatever. Just get out there in the world-hiking, running clubs,etc Have faith–it will happen.

Answer by izzybell
I feel your pain…although i’ma girl I feel like the same thing is always happening to me. It’s not you or your “bad luck” it’s just you haven’t found the right girl for you. Perhaps you will end up spending the rest of your life with you first love. You sound to me like a great guy…i’m sure the perfect girl is out there waiting for you. Try to branch out and do different things at your school. Go to events of different social groups and find a girl who is dedicated to something you love or just something you want to know more about. Ask he to dinner. after getting to know her a little better and see where things lead you both together. Girls are really busy, in fact that is my reason a majority of the time. Try lunch next time or coffee or going to a party – sometimes dinner is too indimidating as you may imagine it perfectly but the girl may be intimidated or nervous for direct one on one time. Good luck my friend and keep being who you are – don’t lose that.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Love Life Tarot Layout , How to Interpret ?

Hello , I have lay three cards for my love life , I ask the tarot if is anyone on his way to me , and is one card for each of the following months : for september 9 of Wands ; for October 7 of Wands and for November 10 of Cups . Can anyone help me please !!!

Answer by The Oracle
The figure on the Nine of Wands has definitely been through tough times. His head and arm are bandaged, and he’s leaning on a “crutch.” This fighter has seen some battles, but he’s still standing! He’s hurt, but he’s not down. When we have had a bad experience, we feel weary and battle-scarred. Even if we aren’t hurt physically, our psyches are wounded. Our openness, innocence and trust are gone, replaced by wary defensiveness.

In readings, the Nine of Wands can be a warning that you must proceed carefully. Keep a watchful eye because there is the possibility that you will be hurt. If you have already been burned, you know what this man is feeling. Life’s lessons can be hard sometimes, especially when hopes have been dashed. It is natural to feel defensive at such times, but try to avoid becoming bitter. Your experience has wounded you, but it has strengthened you as well.

Strength is the other aspect of the Nine of Wands.

The Seven of Wands is all about taking a stand. Taking a stand is a forceful act that changes the energy flow of the world for good or ill. Most of the time we flow with our lives as if on a river.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Could someone interpret these tarot card readings for me?

The descriptions are vague to me.
I asked, “Will he ever come back to me”

I got Judgement in the Love & Me position.
I got Eight of coins in the Situation position
I got King of Wands in the challenges position

Answer by Harvey Warschild
Sure, you’re an idiot, that’s exactly what it means when you try to get advice from cardboard.

Answer by Evan Gieber
I really wanted to thumbs up Harvey’s comment twice but it wouldn’t let me.

Answer by Cindy
It’s hard to read for yourself – you always have so much invested in the answer that you never know if it’s the real message or what you want to hear. Here’s what I got – I’m afraid the last card is puzzling to me as well but you may know what or who is being referenced.
Love and You: Judgement. Make an honest appraisal. Release guilt and sorrow and make a fresh start.
Situation: Eight of Coins. Either you or he is working very hard on something else right now. It might be work, or it might be another relationship. Another meaning for the Eight of Coins is “seeking greater understanding”. Maybe either one or both of you is standing back and really assessing. Either way, I don’t think anything is going forward any time soon.
Challenge: King of Wands. In this instance, I think an older or more mature man is in the situation. It might be a boss, a father, or an older brother or friend but he is definitely affecting this reading.
I hope this is helpful for you.

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