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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Will you read my poem (Lady of God)? (Thank you!)?

[Lady of God]

Impenitent agreement, a promise of eternity..
A convent woman, a sanctuary. Obscenity
impending in every temptation’s quell matin,
her adoration-values unequal, of wane satin.

A Holy Holocaust of sentiments of earthy offer,
a sanctity turned to embrace a holy transfer,
advertens in vows of austerity, a soul to gale,
as all expressions facial, praying on holy trail.

Her soul betrays just a hint of cry, her heed,
attentive to a Crucifix, a plasticity of mead,
sweet vow to him, to always, in dark, grope,
was it a certainty to be, with him to elope?

Perusing all her impudence, she withdraws,
ex-courtesan, God’s covenant, unholy flaws,
now of eyes far to see, to carry any burden,
to sacrifice mundane dreams, a flesh warden.

She joins palms, men’s eyes will never admire
her expression of face, a holiness not to expire
All dreams subscribe her trip to expiation
her only, of a covenant of solitude, destination.

impemitent = unalterable point of view
advertens = Latin attention
matin = morning prayer
heed = attention
grope = touch, examine with tips of fingers
courtesan = companion of men
quell = oppress
wane = diminish
S1L4 wane —> waned
Yesu Ben = I try to be friendly to colleagues. Maybe my clarification was not ideal, but I am not supposed to make any, right?

Answer by SIlenced_in_Anxiety
thank you for the definitions on the bottom:) helped the reading easier 🙂 I love your writing a lot. You have such a beautiful way to make your words in the poems flow so perfectly, and how you state what you need to say in such a mature and clever way. Great poem, as yesterdays were. 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : which is better palm pre 2 or plus?

i wanna get a phone but i dont know which is better i was going to save up for the hp veer but i read a review saying the palm pre 2 is better so which should i get and whats the difference between the pre 2 and plus or should i go with the veer?

Answer by ryan lynch
Well if you are looking for a compact smart phone go for the veer. It is much smaller and in my opinion much sleeker. If you are choosing between palm pre2 and the palm pre plus I would go for the plus because instead on a scroller ball you are getting high tech heat sensing. Between the plus and the veer i would get the plus because i cannot handle a very very small touch screen. The plus’s screen is much larger.

Answer by Brandon
The other answer doesn’t make any sense… The Palm Pre 2 is an updated version of the Plus. It has better hardware, including a faster processor and a gorilla glass screen. Many things are improved on the Pre 2. I have one and I love it. Also, HP is still supporting the Pre 2, meaning it is still getting software updates while the Pre Plus is no longer supported. Its like saying whats better, the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 4? The newer one is always going to be better.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Another love poem..well..for lovers of all ages…what do you think?

During October whilst the clouds whistled through
My heart ran like black stallions across golden plains
Their hooves floating amidst flowers made rich of hue
Pink petals strumming their magnificent twirling manes
Our hands conjoin icy blue diamond rings winking
From where the Sun’s passionate gaze pierces its soul
Our voices with so much passion now forever singing
Running through these fields where dragon flies lull
How can love like ours be so mysterious yet daunting?
That makes us masters of our romantic destinies
Our past ghosts fleeting within memories so haunting
Must rest amongst grave yards forgiving twinkling seas

My knees are heavy whilst my breath remains calm
Gazing into your light deep-set brown eyes weeping
Such loving persuasion eagerly awaits within my palm
My mind twirling like nervous coins silently leaping
Forward into a magical ocean of courageous aspiration
This old superstition, “Luck, bestowed only upon fools”
Your face glowing like yellow candle-light burning elation
“Yes!” I jump for joy ignoring as gravity pushes and pulls
My physicality symbolizes mortality amongst immortals
Whilst this bitter entity brings me slowly down to earth
Distant sound of bees humming our tune silently chortles
My heart elaborating upon happiness from ashes rebirth

My beating heart spinning, one floating world of its own
While we roll around in the fields kissing and laughing
Where bountiful flowers carrying pollen of love are known
Holding your hand running, “My love, where art thou going?”
My fingers lightly press against your lips, “Let love show you”
Your amber hair flowing like mermaids against the obscure sky
Wherein we come upon a lake, therein lies a boat just for you
I take your hand, “Gentle now,” white full moon drifting nigh
My arms rowing, paddles rippling across stilled quiet waters
Your smile gleaming rich of wondrous desire and loving care
Shimmering bars swim across waves moonlight’s daughters
My breath is held, “I know nothing of a kiss, yet shall we share?”
The paddles fall against the boat’s wooden carcass with a thud

Angels speak, “true passion for love never expiates”
Crickets chirping within the wound of the howling wind
Green frogs croaking and sitting upon soft dinner plates
My hands like pick axes mining what they hope to find
Golden breasts, so tender and lonesome, needing attention
Curiosity for thirsting to know their secretive desires
A magician for love, yet again, disappearing contention
Our tongues clash and dance around romantic fires
The boat is rocking and tipping and mocking our joy
You grab my arms, clenching tight, suddenly, splash!
We both fall into the cool water, scattering orange coy
We laugh and giggle and climb reluctantly into the boat
The horizon painted the river pinkish-red, “What a view”

Thanks for your comments. I really love my girlfriend. Ella es mi inspiracion! =] Spanish for: She is my inspiration. I am also going to be posting poems in spanish! Look forward to that. Que buena duerma!

Answer by Lance
You’ve ‘got it bad’ young man!
It is a beautiful poem and should impress your young lady, but remember that love is blind.
I wish you, both, every success.

Answer by Caryn
Wow thats really, really good

Answer by lilly45
A very enjoyable read. You had me with “black stallions across golden plains” (strength) and “Pink petals” (sensitivity). Enough visuals to last a life time. Similarities were quite refreshing – especially liked the green frogs on “soft dinner plates”. Bravo ♥

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