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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would you keep reading my story?? Fantasy-Horror-Adventure-Thriller sorta novel?

I know it’s 2nd chapter but I’m wondering if I should keep writing. In the 1st chapter, Kieran meets his sister who he thought was murdered 10yrs ago. And they are being chased by a witch

Evanna Beltar was supposed to be dead and Kieran Beltar wasn’t supposed to be seeing her ghost. And if he was seeing her ghost, it wasn’t supposed to be this grown up. Ghosts don’t age.

“Yes, it’s me,” said Evanna harshly. “But I ain’t got no time to lazy around. Get off your fat behind and run!”

He just kept gaping at her, studying her features, trying to comprehend what she saying. It really didn’t make sense. “Evanna?”

“I ain’t a ghost, alright. Now let’s go or else we gon’ be dead meat in a second.”

“But you s’pposed to be dead,” said Kieran, ignoring whatever Evanna was saying.

“Does it look like I’m pushin’ daisies?” snapped Evanna as her eyes narrowed. “Let’s run!”

“Run from what?”

“There’s a witch with at least four blood-thirsty gryphons and she will stop at nothin’ till she gets you,” spat Evanna with frustration.

“ME!” panicked Kieran. “What does she want with me?”

“Get up and start runnin’ if you wanna live long enough to find out, boy.” Evanna let go of Kieran’s hand, turned, and started running.

“Wait!” he huffed as he got off the ground and shot after Evanna. He didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. He was certain it was his sister he was following yet he couldn’t comprehend how she was alive. Her killer confessed.

But right now that wasn’t the issue. A witch with four killer gryphons… He stopped. Now that he was going over what Evanna had told him seconds ago, he realized a lot of things didn’t make sense.

“Evanna,” he called. “Are you outta your natural mind! You jus’ told me a ‘witch’ with, not only one, but FOUR mythical creatures is after me. C’mon, what rubbish’s that? I ain’t a kid no more. Or maybe I’m jus’ dreamin’.”
Evanna instantly turned and ran back to him. They stood belly to belly with Evanna’s eyes piercing straight into his own. Then with one open palm, Evanna slapped Kieran across the face.

“Did that feel like a dream?” snarled Evanna.

“What did you do that for?” shouted Kieran as his hand flew to soothe his stinging cheek. “I’m the one who needs to slap you back to reality. You jus’ come outta nowhere ‘n start talkin’ of witches and gryphons…”

He stopped talkin. There was a sudden, very loud cry that was an unnatural cross between a lion’s roar and an eagle’s call. It was followed by a torrent of others just like it. Then multiple loud sounds resembling that of a giant beating large sheets somewhere in the skies soon pervaded the whole plantation, disturbing the silence.

“What is that?” asked Kieran as his eyes shifted to the direction the sounds were coming from. He didn’t see anything though, the fog was too thick and it was now dark.

“That is the sound of evil,” said Evanna with no emotion whatsoever. “Now run or else I’ll kill you this instance.”

Kieran started running. Evanna’s threat did not sound like a bluff. He doubted she meant it but he didn’t want to find out. They’d been seperated for ten years, there was no telling how time had distorted his sister’s personality.

They weaved through the darkness, jumping over barely visible buttress roots and tripping over some. None of them said a word even though the sounds of whatever animal hunting them were becoming louder and clearer.

Kieran’s heart was beating so very fast. He would spit it out through his mouth if it kept going like that. He was scared and quickly getting tired. Evanna, on the other hand, looked extremely calm under the circumstances. She had a scowl but other than that she was just peachy. It was unsettling to say the least.

Kieran’s foot caught on something hard on the ground and he was sent speeding to the ground. His head hit against a rock and screamed as he rolled. The straps on his satchel snapped.

His head was ringing with the sudden ache. He gnashed his teeth as he forced himself to his feet. Evanna was yelling at him, angry that he was wasting time. She wanted them to keep running.

But it was too late. Rough cold wind whipped at their frames from all directions. Four silhouettes of freakishly large animals could be seen descending to surround them. Their enormous wings flapped with those terrible sounds resembling giant sheets. And they were not birds. They delivered high-pitched shrieks that pierced the delicate fabric of Kieran’s eardrums, worsening his headache.
Evanna dragged Kieran to her side and clicked her fingers and ra

Answer by SwimmerDude
I would totally keep reading your story, and I wish I could read Chapter 1! The only thing that would make me not want to keep reading is if Evanna continues to talk like an old, Southern, lonely woman. Other than that, I loved it!


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What was this book I read?

I read a book a few years ago, it was about some sort of tv reality show where the contestants were all put on an island, they soon all started to be murdered. I can’t remember the name of the book but I think the front cover had a picture of a palm tree and a bullet hole.
I’d love to read this book again but for the life of me can’t remember it’s title!

Answer by Bookworm
It might be “Bad Lands-A Holmes and Storm Mystery” by Selena A. Rosen and Laura J. Underwood. Here’s a short plot synopsis, see if it sounds familiar:

“Maggie Holmes, a retired forensic pathologist, is obsessed with the paranormal activity surrounding crime scenes. She has written one fairly successful book and is working on her second titled Bad Lands, when she runs into a roadblock. The heirs to Knight Island deny her access to their mansion unless she can pay them one hundred thousand dollars. When the greedy Knight clan allows the reality show, “Chicken Out,” to film on the island, Maggie plays the long shot and signs herself and her bartending, psychic friend Vivian Storm up for the show, and when they are chosen to play the game – which challenges the players to stay in the “Haunted” house the longest – Maggie drags Vivian to the island. But Maggie never gets to do the research she wants to do because no sooner do they settle into the haunted mansion with the rest of the “cast” than the murders start. Maggie must use all her knowledge, and Vivian must tap into her “gift” to try to survive and unmask the killer but will it be enough? And how can they hope to survive if the killer isn’t human at all?”

Amazon has the book for $ 25.95. The front cover shows palm trees but I didn’t see a bullet hole in this edition:

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